Top 10 things to do during winter in Thredbo

31 May 2012
With the 2012 winter season forthcoming, what better time to plan your winter getaway to Thredbo Alpine Resort, Australia's premier ski and alpine resort. With a vast array of accommodation options and activities on offer, you'll be spoilt for choice when planning what will surely be a holiday to remember. Here's a list of must-do activities during your stay in Thredbo. Go on, treat yourself this winter.

Snowshoeing Never mastered the art of skiing or snowboarding? Don't worry, Thredbo has you covered with its guided snowshoe tours. The saying goes: if you can walk, you can snowshoe and there's no better way to explore Thredbo's winter wonderland. You can explore the untouched snow capped peaks of the backcountry and indulge in the pure and fresh mountain air while touring through either the granite tors of the Ramshead Range or the snow gums of Dead Horse Gap.

Eagles Nest Restaurant A dining experience like no other awaits you at Australia's highest restaurant and bar, Eagles Nest. With spectacular 270� views overlooking a 200km radius of the area, Eagles Nest is unmatched in its position. Gondola cabins replace the chairs of the Kosciusko Express and take visitors 600 metres above the valley to the best dining experience in the mountains. Enjoy a four course meal while looking out over the lights and sights of Thredbo, before enjoying the soothing ride back to the village.

Snow camping Ever wanted to be a mountaineer? Well, Thredbo's exciting overnight snow camping adventure is the perfect starting point. Qualified guides will teach you how to locate a suitable campsite, setup camp, create a culinary feast and you'll receive tips on weather conditions in the mountains. Oh, you'll also experience the exquisite sunrise and sunset from Australia's highest peaks.

Flare run Looking to kick start your Saturday night in Thredbo with a bang? Then look to the skies to catch the impressive fireworks display before cheering loudly as snowriders slide their way down the Supertrail with flaming flares. It's one of Thredbo's finest traditions and is a crowd favourite year after year.

Twilight riding Not enough hours in the day to give you your riding fix? Don't worry, Thredbo understands. Thredbo offers its visitors the ultimate option of cruising under the stars every Thursday and Saturday evening during July and August. Night riding is a spectacular experience, one that is quite different to riding during the day. The Easy Does It chairlift gives riders access to Friday Flat from 4:30pm to 7:30pm, providing ample time to refine your skills before unleashing them on the upper mountain the next day. And best of all it's free.

Snow climbing Got skiing and snowboarding down pat and looking for that extra little bit of adventure? Thredbo's snow climbing adventures are sure to satisfy even the most hardcore adrenaline junkies. It's a snowy thrill worth hanging on for (literally). You'll scale a snowy peak between Thredbo and Signature Peak, as well as scaling a face using ice axes and raw nerve.

Avalanche awareness course Fancy entering Thredbo's expansive back country area to test your ability on some of Australia's most difficult terrain? If so, make sure you're well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills should danger strike. Thredbo's avalanche awareness course is a must for any rider looking to push themselves to the limit when skiing beyond the resort boundary. Over two days and a night you'll learn the tell tale signs of a crown, a slab, a cornice, a serac and how to evaluate and deal with the risk of a potential slide. With the knowledge gained from this course you'll be worry-free when slashing deep, untouched powder.

Apr�s ski With ample bars in the village, Thredbo allows you to cap a perfect day on the slopes by indulging in Europe's favourite alpine past-time, apr�s ski. It's the relaxation and entertainment that is enjoyed after a day's skiing and Thredbo is famous for its friendly apr�s scene. Whether you want to dance in your ski boots atop of bars and tables or curl up in front of the fire, Thredbo has


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