The Blues Festival: Thredbo

18 January 2013
18-20 January saw some of the team head to the NSW mountain village of Thredbo to represent Kosciuszko Pale Ale as a sponsor of the annual Thredbo Blues Festival.

Craft Beer Specialist Tim Knight was joined by Jindabyne local Mick O’Rance to make sure as many blues fans as possible got to enjoy the wonderful Kosciuszko Pale Ale. Mick is our resident brewer at the Kosciuszko Brewery at Banjo Paterson Inn, Jindabyne as well as recently making the move to Sydney to assist our brewing team there who are struggling to keep up with demand for our James Squire beers.

Over the three days of the Blues Festival Mick and Tim conducted several tastings as well as running around to all the great restaurants, bars and lodges making sure they had plenty of fresh Kosci for the thirsty masses. Thredbo in summer is truly a special place, and there is an embarrassment of great restaurants and bars where you can enjoy wonderful food after a day of hiking and listening to blues, all washed down with a delicious Kosciuszko Pale Ale of course.

Whilst we struggled to get much hiking in due to our official duties (yes, enjoying a beer with everyone at the end of the day is considered a ‘duty’) as you can see from the below photo, Tim did manage to get one hike in.

Keep 22-24 March in your diaries, as we’re back to Thredbo to do it all again, this time for the Country Music Festival. Master Brewer Chuck Hahn has already booked his place, promising a boot-scoot and an autograph to anyone who mentions this article!


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