Snowy Mountains - Tumut



Tucked in the south west of New South Wales our region is spectacular in natural beauty and diversity.
The region enjoys four distinct seasons, each with its own charm - the richness of colour in Autumn, the playgrounds of the snowfields in Winter, the bright blossoms in Springtime, and the spectacular tracts of water and aquatic recreational activities in Summer.
The Tumut Region has natural wonders you can explore all year round with tremendous diversity ranging from huge inland lakes, clean streams, and gently sloped pastures to vast pine forests, peaked mountains, the enormous Snowy Mountains Scheme, one of the great engineering wonders of the modern world and the many attractions of the northern end of the sensational Kosciuszko National Park.
Summer streams are cool, and clean. Rivers and dams provide fishers with plenty of opportunities for Trout and native fish. Swimming, canoeing or rafting on the lakes or water skiing, windsurfing, sailing and recreational boating are extremely popular here.
The whole family can enjoy the network of marked walking tracks that bring mountain streams, high peaks and fabulous views within easy reach.
Close by are features like the magnificent Buddong Falls, Yarrangobilly Caves in Kosciuszko National Park, the Sugar Pine Walk and Arboretum in State Forests and the horticulture industry where you can pick your own fruit. You can also retrace the steps of the European explorers along the Hume and Hovell Walking Track. More challenging tracks are a plenty too!
The area is also famous for the legacy of the goldrush days of the last century where you can discover pioneer-era huts, with Adelong offering some of the best preserved ruins of former goldworkings in the State.
You can hang glide and enjoy golf, bowls, tennis, squash, swimming, and horseriding. In fact, all sports and activities are available within the Tumut region.
Winter brings new enjoyment in the snow for the entire family. Selwyn Snowfields offer fabulous skiing only an hour's drive from Tumut, and half an hour from Talbingo providing tobogganing, downhill or cross-country skiing or just fun throwing snowballs.


This heritage town with a population of 900 boasts top class historical bed & breakfasts/restaurants. Many establishments have an abundance of paintings, pottery, craft, old wares, home fare and other interesting bric-a-brac. As well as accommodation and fine dining each establishment is fascinating in its own right. Exquisite pieces of craft, pottery and an ever changing display of paintings from local and internationally renowned artists are for sale.
The unique experience in Adelong is the thrill of finding gold, just as thousands of prospectors did more than a 100 years ago. Gold panning can prove to be quite profitable in the Adelong creek, which produced more gold than any other stream in New South Wales.
The gold rush has long since gone and the town gives the impression that it is resting after its early bustling days, but this is not so.
Adelong must be one of the few towns in New South Wales that can claim to have made such an incredible rejuvenation over the last few years. The town's historical buildings have been resurrected to shine brighter and better than in their gold rush days.
A variety of businesses line the main street, offering friendly, reliable service and a very wide range of goods and services. An icy cold beer or glass of lemonade are never far away.The Adelong Gold Rush & Antique fair in late April is a great opportunity for you to come and see at first hand a town that has literally been transformed back to the future.


The town of Batlow is situated amid the mountains of the region and is famous for its bountiful apple, cherry and stonefruit orchards.
Its history dates back to the heyday of the 19th century goldrush when prospectors converged on Reedy Creek in 1854, sparking a demand for fresh produce. This led to the establishment of orchards and farms and subsequently the town of Batlow. Within a few years fruit growing became a major industry, so much so that in 1923 the first cool stores in New South Wales was constructed at Batlow.
Today Batlow is home to two major fruit packing facilities as well as a major manufacturer of canned fruit. Fruits of Batlow, which is one of the largest packing facilities in Australia operates regular tours of their modern packing facility, while the Mountain Maid Cannery Shop is also open for purchases of their product.
Springfield Orchard provides picnic and barbeque facilities, toilets, fruit products for sale and also caters for large groups. During picking season there are a number of orchards where you can enjoy the experience of picking your own fresh fruit from the trees or alternatively there are a number of roadside stalls where purchases of fresh produce can be made.
The Batlow area is famous for its large native and softwood forests which not only add visual appeal of the area, but like orcharding, contribute significantly to the town's economy. Walks and drives within Bago Forest are close by.
Hume and Hovell Lookout provides spectacular views of Blowering Valley and Lake while Pilot Hill Forest Park is an interesting spot to wander around and discover over 40 different species of conifers and hardwood from all over the world. These have been planted around A PICNIC AREA.