Snow Equipment For Your Snow Holiday

06 May 2014
So I have been thinking snow lately. When will it fall? How much will fall? Should I book my snow holiday now? What new equipment will we buy for the kids? Will it be worth buying our 5 year old new ski boots? Buy skis or get a snow package? Lots of families bringing their kids to the snow for the first time probably struggle with the same question. So here is the plan for our family. Our children are 5 and 8 by the time the winter season starts. My daughter has outgrown her skis in size and ability as well as her ski pants. We are not fussed on the latest designs or colours so we are trolling the local ski shops and websites to see whether there are any last season bargains to be had. Just before the snow season is a great time for a bargain in all the snow shops so if you can get to one definitely grab a up to 50% off item. Great also if you would like to upgrade your outerwear.

At Jindabyne there is a ski swap on June Long Weekend. A must stop to grab a bargain. Skis, Snowboards, outerwear and everything for a good cause. If none of these options are for you then considering hire is probably best. Unless you have complete faith in your hire shop definitely pick someone with good experience in boot fitting or an option with on snow exchange. Nothing worse than having sore feet and having to drive back to Jindabyne or Cooma to exchange gear when staying on snow.

There is also always the question whether to buy gloves & goggles. If this is going to be an annual trip then yes absolutely. Our preferred hire provider, Harro's Snowsports offers an excellent retail package in conjunction with a snow package. Gloves, goggles & neck warmer for only $65. Believe me these neck warmers come in handy when it is a cold breezy day.

Should you invest in thermal underwear? Thermals are a great investment, but if the budget is tight the tights or leggings will do. It is very important to high knee high socks to stop any rubbing in your ski boots. Most better brand ski socks are based on compression technology and have no seems which really helps in ski boots.

Our advice is always: Dress like an onion as it easier to take a layer off if need be!

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