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Seidler Lodge

Thredbo Luxury Accommodation 4 Star AccommodationHalf Star Accommodation

4 Bedroom

Situated in the heart of Thredbo with spectacular mountain views, the spacious and fully self-contained 4 bedroom Seidler Lodge has long enjoyed a reputation as Thredbo’s finest private Lodge.

Straddling a small stream and within a 2 minute walk of the main valley lifts, the iconic, award winning Seidler Lodge combines modern and spacious facilities with a unique, retro funky ambiance.

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  • All Linen, Crockery And Cutlery Supplied

  • Balcony with BBQ.

  • Dining Area Seating Up To 10 People

  • Front Loading Dryer

  • Fully Equipped Gourmet Kitchen

  • Mountain View - Superb

  • Private Drying Room

  • Private Ski & Boot Storage

  • Sauna

  • Shuttle Bus At Your Door In Winter

  • Television DVD, Stereo / CD Player in lounge room

  • Wood-burning Fireplace

Bedding Configuration

  • Master Bedroom: 1 King Bed

  • Bedroom 2: 1 King Bed

  • Bedroom 3: 1 King Bed

  • Bedroom 4: 1 King Bed (can be 2 Singles) + 1 Bunk Bed

  • Sleeps up to 8 guests


  • Off street parking for 5 cars

  • Extra cars must be parked in the complimentary overnight car park near the AIS complex at Friday Flat

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Guest Reviews for Seidler Lodge

A fantastic lodge, thankyou, could not think of a better way to spend easter.  Seidler Lodge

the Brennar Family commented on 29 March 2010

1-5 degrees - just like home! Best place for a millenium! Best wishes -   Seidler Lodge

Eril Dalhoff commented on 29 December 1999

A sweet treat, hearty tales, bruised bums, many cigaretts, green walks and beautiful smiles. Thankyou!  Seidler Lodge

Sally Bierman commented on 27 January 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy new year  Seidler Lodge

Henry Epstein commented on 25 December 1997

Once again, this place lightens both the mind and soul. Just awesome. Thanks again!  Seidler Lodge

the Ladz commented on 23 August 2005

Peaceful, pacific pre easter. A heaven for old bones  Seidler Lodge

Emil Daclloff commented on 22 March 2002

From Bondi with love to Thredbo  Seidler Lodge

Vibreke Droga commented on 22 March 2002

This place is like our wet dream! So awesome great time, so much fun and lots of 500!  Seidler Lodge

Arturo Family commented on 22 July 2009

Beautiful, Love the fireplace.  Seidler Lodge

The Berry Family commented on 21 September 1997

We're moving in!  Seidler Lodge

Damien Mitchell commented on 21 December 1997

Great place, people and music. Happy new year thredbo music festival!  Seidler Lodge

Judy & Richard commented on 20 January 2002

Great perspective, especially the nude women bathing in the stream below.  Seidler Lodge

Brendan & Sullivan Family commented on 19 September 2000

Amazing to experience the mountains and skiing in australia, especially with some of my new found relatives!  Seidler Lodge

Kauivilla Seal commented on 19 August 2001

It's welcome home  Seidler Lodge

Vibcxe commented on 17 March 1998

A Great Week!  Seidler Lodge

Michael Ward commented on 17 January 1998

Lovely week!  Seidler Lodge

Helen Hembest commented on 17 January 1998

Fantastic place, brilliant company, a huge thankyou for one memorable weekend  Seidler Lodge

Brock Ficker commented on 16 August 1999

Estatic Stay, we must do this again!  Seidler Lodge

Gene & Denise commented on 15 January 1999

A breath of fresh air  Seidler Lodge

Melanie Droga commented on 14 March 1998

Great comfort spot for our group. Hope to return.  Seidler Lodge

Janice & Ron Parker commented on 12 March 2001

Nice place, great weather, good times  Seidler Lodge

Diane Hinds commented on 12 March 2001

Very comfortable. Great hikes and plenty of tennis played.  Seidler Lodge

Lorne & Kerry leahan commented on 12 March 2001

Simply stunning, surf to snow lifes great!  Seidler Lodge

LJ Hooker Palm Beach commented on 12 July 2002

Fantastic house and snow. Enjoyed by all  Seidler Lodge

The Molden Family commented on 12 July 2002

As always there is no better place in Australia to get cabin fever and no better people to have it with than the droga's  Seidler Lodge

Vlad Imrov commented on 12 August 2000

Who said it is a bad season, many thanks, couldn?t be when you stay here!  Seidler Lodge

Steve 7 Charlie commented on 11 August 2006

Magnificant!  Seidler Lodge

David Hills commented on 11 August 2002

It doesn?t get much better than this!  Seidler Lodge

James Munro commented on 11 August 2002

Wonderful location and atmosphere  Seidler Lodge

John Armati commented on 10 August 2001

We'l be back again!  Seidler Lodge

Nathan Smyth commented on 10 April 1998

A truly fantastic place, a spectacular view of the olumpic flame run, manificent house.   Seidler Lodge

Chris Murphy commented on 09 September 2000

Yeah, great place. Thank you, good fun!  Seidler Lodge

Roland Bowalau commented on 09 October 2002

Great place! No Yag  Seidler Lodge

Allison McLean commented on 09 October 2002

Great as usual!  Seidler Lodge

Jessica Droga commented on 09 October 2002

MMMM, thankyou for a good holiday, great fun  Seidler Lodge

Sven Moller commented on 09 October 2001

Relaxing, tranquil, great to catch up with the hens girls. Thankyou for your hospitality, the lodge, location and people was absolutely brilliant.  Seidler Lodge

Sophie Ashton commented on 09 October 1999

Beautiful lodge. Breautiful bridge. Beautiful future.  Seidler Lodge

Brigette Watson commented on 09 October 1999

Absolute Paraidse  Seidler Lodge

Mr Dalhoff commented on 09 March 1998

Beautiful lodge, fantastic skiing, gorgeous food and even better hosots. Now youl never get rid of us!  Seidler Lodge

The Katers commented on 09 August 2004

2nd year in seidler lodge for snowy ride. Sensational place to stay. Hope to have lots more. Love it   Seidler Lodge

Mallacoota Motorbike Riders commented on 08 November 2009

Bliss  Seidler Lodge

Ms Droger commented on 07 September 1997

  Seidler Lodge

Bo Droga commented on 07 September 1997

We came back! Yes another wonderful time!  Seidler Lodge

Jane Alice & emma commented on 05 August 1999

  Seidler Lodge

Sally & Wally Brown commented on 04 September 1997

It Was great!  Seidler Lodge

Olivia Mount commented on 04 July 2003

An excellent week, in spite of the snow.  Seidler Lodge

Davud Rcharmen commented on 04 August 2001

Good, even without the snow  Seidler Lodge

David & Fay Sharpe commented on 03 August 2001

We'll be back  Seidler Lodge

Bernie & richard commented on 01 September 1999

fantastic family holiday snow in june, wow  Seidler Lodge

Cooper Family commented on 01 June 2000

I want to live here  Seidler Lodge

Amelia Droger commented on 01 June 1998

What more could anyone want?  Seidler Lodge

Lisa Rockman commented on 01 December 1998

Supurb Company, serene enviornment, great holiday. Thanks!@  Seidler Lodge

David commented on 01 August 1999

Unbelievable; a part of australia I never imagined - and even better living  Seidler Lodge

Nick Marchand commented on 01 April 2001

Kristi Kernal - Fritz, I watched the vgecraoe on Katie's situation, and felt such a burden to pray. The more I find out about the kind of woman she was, the more I understand why. Without knowing any of these things about her, I felt compelled to pray that God would raise up others to fill the huge gap that will be left on this earth, due to her departure. Now I understand why.Thank you for putting this together to honor her and the person she was.Sincerely,Kristi Kernal  Seidler Lodge

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