REX Flights

10 February 2016
Getting to Thredbo has never been easier!

After the recent announcement of Regional Express (REX) airlines that they were re-commencing flights between Sydney and the Snowy Mountains, a follow up announcement has been made revealing the consistence of their flights both through the Ski season and Summer period.

REX has long been the largest independent regional airline operating around 1500 flights per week all over Australia and having serviced the Snowy Mountains region before. Now the Snowy Mountains is practically on your doorstep, negating the long drive, and opening up the unforgettable experience that Thredbo provides.

REX will be operating a flight from Sydney to the Snowy Mountains and the Snowy Mountains to Sydney as of the 23rd of March form Monday to Friday throughout the Summer period. Then from the 10th of June until the 3rd of July they will be adding 4 flights each way to cover the weekend with an additional 3 flights each way on top of that from the 4th of July to the 2nd of October!

Flights start from $149.00 per person each way and are available now at


REX Flights

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