First Day Back On Snow

20 June 2014
First day back on snow!

So we have heard it all. Limited to no skiing or boarding in most resorts, some have called the season a fizzer already. Nail biting times for us locals.

So when I heard that Perisher had Front Valley going it was the do or die question. Go and see what it is like or wait. With the local ski program for our children not even 10 days away and my son still recovering from a broken femur it was do for me.

Off I went getting my 5 year old ready to go for a ski. He put all his gear on by himself, which was the first surprise of the day. Last year we made the mistake going up the V8 straight away, so this year in light of previous experiences we opted for the magic carpet instead. The good news was that he did not complain about his leg being sore, but he was a bit timid at first. Unsurprisingly it was a very slow decent with lots of stopping and figuring out how to turn. So here is the thing: our boy tackled Mount Perisher and the Crackenback Supertrail last year. So if you are coming back on your long awaited snow holiday remembering that little Johnny or little Sarah have tackled Merrits at Thredbo or Centre Valley at Perisher you will be surprised to see that the first runs will be back at Friday Flat or Pleasant Valley. Do not despair, this might not last long but they definitely regress after having the summer off.

So if you planned a weekend early and you only experience marginal snow conditions never mind. Go out there, find your ski legs and let the little ones get used to the motions of skiing again. We only did 4 runs on our first day, but hey we were on snow, enjoying the uniqueness of skiing in Australia and the hot chips and hot chocolate at lunch were so well deserved.

Snow is on the forecast: Read here

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